GO BACK (you are going the wrong way)

“You put us on the hulks of ships in the still and stagnant waters of the Thames because your jails were overcrowded! Then you rounded us up like dogs because we flouted your laws which were so severe we were flogged for stealing two shillings. Then you drove us out to sea below deck in cages for the six week journey to another land you said was full of savages and you wanted us to make it your country! I was with child and you threw buckets of salt water over us to keep us clean. And we survived, yes we survived! Then when you were starving and nearly dead the same as us, you released us from our chains and told us to help you! We starved, but we survived, yes we survived!”

Overpopulation again! Climate change and the eugenics agenda, the measuers shall not be measured. GO BACK!


GO BACK you are going the wrong way

Countries do not tell the truth about their historical beginnings. The terrible times they inflicted on our innocence in order to enhance their prosperity. These wars and injustices are opposite to the flowering of human consciousness as initiated by artists who ferment their revelry in the artistic sludge of describing the lives of those who have suffered in anonymity


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