Fibers, Geoengineering Morgellons DNA assault without your approval


Back in 1965 I hitched to a mountainous National Park in New South Wales and found the gate shut. I was with an ABC car so we went on in to see my ranger friend. When I arrived he said I shouldn’t be there. It was late Spring and the ground was covered in snow

“Don’t touch the snow,” he said. “It’s poisonous. Don’t touch the snow, it’s a failed cloud-seeding attempt by the government!”

As I looked up I suspected some of the clouds I saw were not real. Many years later I am still watching “clouds” tho most of them are altered now, changed possibly forever; a little puffy and ragged – shredded around the edges – a symptom of our globally warmed disease.

And you don’t know, and you are afraid to know, as wi-fi stalks your deepest pools of thought spying every syllable. And your blood has been hijacked by (RNA/transcription) replicating bio-synthetic proteins and a new smaller synthetic chromosome. You/we have been inoculated for some kind of digital-ascension! Our spirituality sloughing off as we are lifted into a galactic circus where control of DNA means money to supplement their spiralling war machine and green eugenics agenda. Stirred by gamma proton radiation from the radars and immersed in wi-fi, a new era of digitised lifeforms with fading hormones due to chemical oestrogens and weaponized reproductive parasites from the science demons of goodwill, is emerging from our exhausted immune systems. Many thanks…..stand back while I become enlightened far beyond the horrendous enormity of the fact!

How vulnerable are you as you hold the loving hand of science in this (their) new genomic/chimeric garden of Eden? Do you want to go this path?

Be afraid as you cough and wheeze as within you the flu fibers curl, for they are a SMALL fraction of the new nanotech medicines which have been coupled with the genome project, some unfortunately weaponized by many caring egoistic souls who would gladly forget their friends. While the radars warm the gasses which their aerosol injected/stratospheric nanotech clouds make and we bake beneath their gleam and gloom and believe their direction is the only way. While their cohorts still enjoy the nanotech plastics which these fibers mimic. So small they dive into your skin as though your skin was an oil well, oh, your the oil of their life and oil’s not well!

“Green sustainability” is the spin of all the signatories to the World Meteorological Organisation. Global warming the hidden serpent in their aeroplane tankers which blatantly spray and inject the stratosphere with  control devices and torture machines which spew covert “green eugenics” agendas – only the best DNA will survive their “flu.” People who are most easily programmed for security reasons will go down first. Have a look around, who is going down? The people whose imaginations are stultified by government dogma or those who believe what I say is conspiracy because in their eyes the government can never do wrong and is here to stay. While beneath their dark clouds – you and me terrified of fire and flood and sneezing, know not what to do.

Microchips/transponders/sensors were spread globally circa 2012, as a weaponized spin-off to keep track of the nanotech and bazaar life forms now implanted in us all, talk about a scary future! I don’t blame you for not wanting to read this book, it will take your breath away and make you sick, the worst read EVER, while ever the weather curls about the unforgiving sky, OUR sky which they seek to control. Russia has been melting ice for years! The pulsed radar, the pulse of the Earth showered in unspecified metallic elements to aid the lasers in space to knock alien craft out of the skies for military and technological advancement also speeds a wilful desire to alter the climate. The crushing of unsuitable DNA thru activation of the nanotech medicines within us, this is the future we give our children – our babies behind the looking glass looking back out!

What little do we know on Spaceship Earth? To think we are more clever than our galactic neighbours and know the breadth of all intelligence! The end-game is to make us telepathically controllable machines, a hot Earth does not damage machines which have been stripped of piety, the new “environmental” religion implanted for green-wash enforcement. However it is my hope that with the above “new” knowledge, by just plain thinking, we could all control those who would pretend to guard us so that in the end we may convert the DNA of the do-gooders to ash, as they do ours – as cold as snow

the world is dying, drying from the armpits seeps the poisons of mankind,

for he has besmirched his children’s face and supplanted his ego thereon

we will die in our Earth’s arms and our children too

but our digitised brains will go on and spew out the radars intelligence once again

for the truth we all once knew has faded, full-stop, from view


Found on the author’s leg, a triangular nano-bio-chip sensor (transponder) the size of a dot on this page, it will melt into your flesh and transmit information about your DNA to other interstitial nano-tech. They were spread globally i believe through “cloud-seeding/geoengineering” programs, circa 2012. I mean, just look at it, powered by solar, static electricity, gamma-proton radiation (wi-fi), warmth and movement, this is a synthetic organism which spits out blue fibers such as you see here at one end, and what the hell do they do? they are not fibers from material or plastic because i found them “growing” inside my vegetables and in shop-bought cooked chickens – and in other countries, sprouting from everybody’s skin!! The patent for this chip is available if you want to buy one.

Fibers, Morgellons DNA assault without your approval

this book describes a disgraceful event of the 21 century, this book underlines dishonesty, it is not for children, this book is for mature audiences only, it is not easy reading as it is crossed with the airwaves, the radar waves and the great ocean swells wherein no heart may hide, no clear thought of love, profane, profound beyond the chimeric life forms which they have given us for free, to suffer the life of an insect and a fish


Picture shows a bio-chip sensor (found on the authors leg) which is a fancy name for a radio transmitter which relays info re DNA back to a computer using radar/wi-fi. It is a nanotech component the size of a dot on this page with links to American Congress Agenda 21.
Unfortunately the fine blue fiber, the photo conduit, emitting from the right apex has not reproduced in this image.
Synthetic worm eggs being emitted from the squarish shape of a machine (bottom of pic) found and photographed on the authors finger tip

worm eggs from a box on my finger tip

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