Gamma proton doppler radars keep getting bigger and bigger, they must be good for something other than predicting the weather and terrifying birds and bees?

America 260, indeed the world has a frightening number of these machines. They pulse at 360 X a second and emit 450,000 watts with each pulse, certainly enough to warm a few toes. How they get so much cheap power is a mystery to me. The smaller ones spread about 20 klms at 150 miles and can penetrate 700 meters into the sky and low to the ground. I guess their energy just peters out over a larger distance. They call us “scatter” which is any foreign object in its path as it spreads and touches the ground. When one boils water in a microwave oven then feed it to a pot plant, the plant will die. May i ask a question here? Can they push the wind?

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