Radar doppler Dampier, Darwin, Townsville, blinking in unison, the latter exactly 2 X, straight white lines in the sky 200 X 50klms. Why? Climate mange….

Can you not see the lines in the sky? You greenies, you environmentalists, scientists in sandcastles, political donkeys. Look up, its in your eyes, your nose and has penetrated your surveilled brain till you cyborg off to work and dare not rock the boat. Keepers of the secrets hide behind your complacency and it is that which makes their endeavours illegal towards humanity and naturalness. Its perceived banality and horrendous implication is the semantic shemozzle referred to as Climate Change. But as you may read it is part of their linguistic programming to distract from their idea of how the world should be. But you with your technology are fast going down with synth-pathogens, i see, promulgated by this plasma breeze

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