Cultists, fadists, child sex slaves, Hollywood, Epstein, Mr Morrison are you proud to belong to an American religious group, puppet of shinetists pushing eugenics vax- traps?

Terrified of money so he throws it all away! What a reaction, dig into our super…some kind of magic from a snake oil salesman? A victim of the two party system who never wears a mask. Has no fear of evils flame tho looks under the bed every night for lumps of coal to illuminate covids power. Covids power is to give new life but this man is stale. We don’t need a control freak. What a reaction! Now the people need a visionary to give new hope not excessive lockdown! Tighten your belts Australia this is their protocol for a bee sting!

So the towers continue to go up and the radars beam, the mobiles yap and in the deep of night shinetists stir the sacred brew using electroporation and the premiers teeth are rattling…

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