Young people dilute the strain by creating antibodies faster thus weakening covids toxicity. Keep it away from the sick but let it go sensibly – slowly – amongst the population

Wrong info right? Grilling premiers is like calling it the China Virus; a waste of time. A. Fauci knows why, that’s why he has been quietly stood down because of his wrong info, right. That’s why we are all hopping around like wild apiarists at a boffin’s bee-party featuring Premier Darts.

Mr Morrisons, in a tree throwing money down at them to calm them down a little. But he refuses to wear a mask (rude) and looks like a gorilla and is threatening to tear peoples’ arms off when covid kills only 1.4% of the population! What is this terrorist Christian dude, dressed like a sports commentator, going to do with all the arms!?

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