Dam had to meet this preacher. He bought himself a suit and tie and brand new pair of large black shoes

and a medium size fish which he dried and put in his pocket. He had been to Church only a few times as a boy. He wanted to meet this man as he had an army of helpers who all dressed the same as he and worked for a secret Goddam-meant which was run by the corner shop and sold rare fish and chips to the Government. Maybe one day, Dam Diligent felt sure, he would meet God himself through this preacher..(or the other way around).

As he was walking up the steps to the Church close to the entrance he noticed a man dressed the same as he and thinking it was the preacher approached too quickly and tripped on something with his brand new shoes and outstretched hand,

“Err, how du you doo..” and came face to face with a tall mirror and image of himself! Dam was surprised and jumped backwards landing his large black shoes on something soft.

“Holy f..J…C!” Came a loud expletive from a very stern looking gentleman who looked exactly like Dam! It was the preacher!

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