As a Christian fundamentalists, Mr Morrison and his two police Commissioners should pause to consider ethics and how control of the population is best achieved through full employment especially in sectors like the ARTS

Football – rub your nose in corona – only encourages a competitive nature which reduces to the base impulses such as racism, sex and greed. The new generation will not stand for coal and misinformation about energy sources. To join Nations and make people celebrate with joy give them ART, design, adventure into the ethical realms of science. People work best when they have free time and are not chained around the leg with computers and paperwork.

Poor people having to go every sunday…you know you would learn more if you painted a painting, studied music, went landscape gardening, built a house or a bridge, wrote a book, played music, grow inside yourself and stop pasting people with paperwork and other imperatives such as nine billion dollars on military hardware after deliberately mixing the cauldron of cultural differences when we live right in the middle of Asia! Is this your racist fundamentalism?

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