Genomic nano-technology is here to stay. Small particulates of polarised spheres transforming into chimeric bio-symbiotic host pathogens like an engineered contractible disease the scientists exude

Mr Gates, has given money for them to play! And play they do with no fear of reprimand because NIH is in control. Now it is obvious their ethics are peripheral to the cause and out of control – totally. For instance there IS a prevention AND a cure, Trump has been advised by A. Fauci (WHOnose). They rub their palms with glee while the govts prostrate themselves like dying rubber-duckies, believing there is no prevention and no cure. Obviously the media has received a terrible dose and, leaking, tries to plug the gaping uncertainties with expert advice, but covid is everywhere and it will not go away through anaerobic fermentation. Like any weed its egress is determined by the forces of naturalisation or in covids case herd immunity


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