Prepped by weather modification programs the govts are put on the shelf away from machinating-medicals. Ill jabberoo, said old Jabiru; thus the gas comes out

People answer to nurses, nurses often fractious (have to) answer to doctors, doctors answer to scientists, scientists answer to pharmaceutical companies, corporations dictate to politicians and politicians answer to grandmother for in every country she holds the money stick threateningly. Man answers to woman, OK…

Covid will bake in the ovens of lockdown, in the air it escapes detection. It is the perfect alibi to change the economy and reveal the insights of the Masonic Lurch and the UN Agenda 21, 30 mill will die said Billy Gotes – a conservative assessment, poor computation. Meanwhile the rest of the world gains herd-immunity while Australia and especially New Zealand quiver with recurring tsunamis of the evolving watzits

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