Geoengineering the climate is alive and well. The moist air is tweaked before it arrives overhead with an unbelievable assortment of experimental compounds designed to wet or dry the Earth!

These are sprayed at 40,000 ft and drift down through the moist air and can cause anything from flood to drought. Their games do not stop there. Any honest scientist would agree that these protocols are being kept secret from the public and have been since 1947 when  lock-on (over the horizon) radar discovered two things:  That we are not alone and we are now able to change the climate at will. How many floods and other environmental catastrophes are attributable to geoengineering?

Of all the fake news stories, Gulf of Tonkein, 9/11, Covid 19 dissemination, Syria, Iraq, UFOs, too many more – geoengineering is the most insidious. Democracy went out the window in 1947. I know why but it has taken much learning and looking…the info is there for all to see.  I will not divulge as have been on this trail for decades. You called me a conspirator because you have no other word to describe your own internal lock-down.

And the nanotech chimeric life forms keep coming into your systems and your confusion will end in delirium if scientists do not lift the veil of deceit off geoengineering.

If you want to Save Our Skies from geoengineering us all, turn off your mobile phones, or pull your heads out of the sand. For geoengineering is a major part of the programming of your parasympathetic nervous system..happy daze

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