again and again covid will come, it is in the atmosphere, lock people down and it will destroy the economy and keep coming, wear masks if sick or old, go back to work!

Three months ago i said geoengineering broadcast this aerially. It is a bio-nanotech robot. Forget contact tracing, no use whatsoever, and the phone app got you covered. Consider how the countries which were warned years ago about this (their health authorities) protected their old and allowed covid to be reduced by the herd immunity of the young. China, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Italy, France, USA.  Australia, Brazil and New Zealand must have missed out and consequently are frenzied and confused! Too many obvious slip-ups and side-steps re cruise ships and flights not tested – yes it looks like there are huge differences in opinions within the crystal-ball of the health “authorities.” The net has been cast wide…

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