Covid – information freeze on some elements, discrepancies between health officials, i say mix to gain immunity, wot! only kills 1.4%! forget it, probably a good thing…

Only kills the aged and infirmed. You say the testing is not accurate because there has never been any antibodies found which are attributable to Covid. Now you say it is OK just like another cold and the figures of the dead are fudged!? Is this true? Are you ripping us off Mr Gates with Anthony Fauci and other countries must be complicit in this for the many thieves pointed the finger at China? For they must have known that covid would only kill 1.4% when the normal flu kills 3.7%. Corona, clearly, is NOT THE ISSUE something else, big, is being swept under the carpet! And since i am single i cant wait to get my bio-chip-sensor so i can visit the realms of good health and get a boyfriend..girlfriend..or maybe they will make me something on my phone

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