Amazing to see the clear skies and feel the freshness of natural weather, hope that covid/19 sweeps the skies of geoengineering weather modification programs

Its time to turn a leaf America. To breath fresh air. To not worry about other countries where-with-all and concentrate on getting your own country honest again. The rest of the world will support you in this endeavour. A very simple one it is too. Open your secrets and purge yourselves of all the false history you have put into our lives, the propaganda which has flowed from all your cover-ups. Nothing wrong with helping others if one does it from the heart and not from fear. Fear has gripped your nation as the first Hollywood drone shot your society between the eyes. Throw down your guns and your vaccines and give us our inventions re electricity and free power which Tesla and others have developed and you stole from the people (of planet Earth) this is for all of us. You need to get better or you will fester from the inside

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