As the origin of covid discretely buries its head in the sand, we pause to consider our future amongst the foxes

To realise with ever increasing and unfortunate certainty that your never going to get out of this rabbit hole. The world is full of hypocrites and blood money, covid is but a morgellons grasshopper which flies like a rainbow and alludes the immune system of a healthy society where it religiously irradiates clear thought and only fires on greed. There it stays and speaks in tongues: “No more slavery,” says the rich – and now that the fox has escaped: “Here we made this for you out of your money, and no we arn’t going to try it until you do! Here (give money) it will save your life!” Donald Trump is taking it so why shouldn’t you? Its made from rotted covid and soy sauce, but don’t tell anybody it makes antibody and we need that to polish our shoes, raise the flag, sing to the great God of geoengineering which hides like a virus under your skin, digging deeper with more festering rabbit holes.

And you’re going to let them get away with it, this is the “Plan”

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