China will you let the New World Order come snooping about your suburbs cooing, when each country who attended the war games should be checked the same?

Covid was introduced from another country and spread knowingly or unknowingly amongst the population in Wuhan. Not a happy day. The whole dam world needs to peel back and reveal the twisted ethics of slavery which controls our beings and destroys us like money-monsters intent on destroying each other’s cultures.

The Oath a Jesuit such as Dr Anthony Fauci must make in order to be ordained as a Jesuit Priest, is one of hatred and bloodshed, war and poison towards non-believers! For goodness sake we are still in the dark ages! Sounds like a bunch of cowboys or terrorists! Osama got nothing on these guys. What are they doing! With so many New World Order terrorism events happening over the last ten years, this covid takes the cake. You are on track for the culprit if you follow the vaccine lead. But be warned it is a secret and you will have to wear a special pointy hat

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