Compassion for media dogs practising political protocol ethics (PPE) when reporting from robotic health officials WHO advise to let sleeping dogs lie

Of course there is a vaccine for corona, has been for years; but it doesn’t work. In fact bits of covid 19 are going to be put in last years to soup it up a little for next Christmas! Nothing in the media about the six sick American army personnel who were flown out of WuHan with special clearance; nobody knew what was wrong. Any strain on China re the origin of covid will bring the story back to the West, Mr Morrison in Australia is backward to suggest China or any other country would open their bio-weapons labs for World scrutiny. Such oversight is risking serious economic slowdown due to bad air. If you want to find out which way corona, first study what science is capable of doing genetically then apply the law of secrecy and you will be more close to covid than you would wish to be. Maybe then you will know why this little puppy is going to be left alone

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