What happened to the 6 US Army personnel in WuHan who were flown home separately as China couldnt work out what was wrong with them? The whole US crew bombed out bigtime!

The Aust govt is mindless following America and many other bio-weapons countries proclaiming China as the culprit for covid. It time to hold hands – world, and stop your bio-weapons controlling madness. Stop your covert weather modification programs and bring unity to a deliberately divided World ethic of work for all and good health to the environment within and without. The world is obviously sick and some govts are still breathing the bad air of the last 500 years. Grow up you Western cowboys and embrace the New World Order of Universal Peace. America, unfortunately in the eyes of most countries, has a lot of soul searching to do – in your purging – sloth off your selfishness stone age, war mentality. Richard Nixon outlawed bio-warfare, this includes peacetime medicines which modify longevity such as bio-sensors and other ethics-busters which are designed purposefully to allude detection and are currently in the breach

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