Agenda 21, United Nations, & Masonic Guideline Stones, Georgia. The world pop should be reduced to 500,000,000.. for sustainability

Dam busied himself in the garden. He hadn’t worked for years. His neighbour was taken out by some giant virus which attacked him in bed and ate him alive. They had to knock it out with a tranquilliser before air-lifting it away. But everyone was in lockdown, had been for years, because the viruses were out. Some said they were politicians dressed in sheets and plastered with note paper. The groceries came each month in a box left by a stranger at the front door. And the rich people had ladies, they could afford them. Dam didn’t make enough money digging holes in the ground, but some people at a distance made heaps out of funeral services, take away food and vaccines. They worked out that the vaccine attracted the viruses and vice versa. Nowdays there just weren’t many people around to talk to, and if you were lucky enough to see one they were usually running away

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