Morgellons disease describes chimeric life forms derived from bio-synthetic nanotech which tricks the human immune system and assembles as host pathogens

They will not kill you. You are their host. They don’t want you to die. After the Genome Project in 1995 when they mapped all the genomes of the different domains, NASA and the WHO decided to fund more research into using our natural pathogens such as worms, lice, fleas, rats, bats and arthropods such as ticks, to vector more profound proteins into humans across domains

A really nice pastime it became for scientists to delve into the banal creative realms and exclude ethics and have on medical records, globally, their patent number and their small fish or worm or even grasshopper leg found with hair of mouse and marked as “shingles 7-3-Z” or “dermatitis 1.002” by the relative Horse-piddle. Such a miracle of science! Meanwhile horse-trained global health fanatics leap about putting spin on the ability of science to replicate foreign DNA. The connection is never fully explained let alone alluded to. In the shadow of their corona camp fire the head of the vaccine serpent is rising, while on the fire itself the beans are burning!

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