God America, you must think we are so gullible. We know about your false flags – problem, action, solution – your aliens & WHO made your crown. Youve been telling us for years!

Your covert geoengineering and bio-weapons research. You have told us so much! And when we talk about it you say we are creating conspiracy theories! Your security phone apps and your medical corporatisation of eugenics programs are connected. These arn’t ideas i/we made up! You have told us these things!

They are convoluted extremes of pragmatism bordering on a fanatical egoistic cultism. Generally we feel so sorry for you that you find yourselves in such turmoil! And i personally believe that the only way out for you to save grace is to spill the beans. You have bean in confinement yourselves, hiding from yourselves, for so long (since 1947, Roswell) that in your midst a virus has developed which targets old conspiracy theorists who also have bean. The secrets of a government undermine the people

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