CONSPIRACY THEORISTS stay at home all day thinking up the impossible & provide fotos & proof yet the controlled media THUGS of the West slander China and ask for money!

Now the proof comes out like a serpent from the bowels of AMerryCar. Exhumed bodies in the USA had covid long before the WuHan War Games, which opened using huge props of covid/19! For Gods Sake! – Rockerfella wanted the 1st WW prolonged and succeeded. The gulf of Tonkein never happened! 9/11, an inside job, Nicaragua, Lybia, Iraq – American death squads – Julian Assange assault! And you media THUGS need to open your eyes to the evil which you assist and propagate! You all need to apologise to China. At the moment the West is looking like a bunch of children in a bathtub full of conspiracies sinking fast. Shot in the foot: Aust (no brains) England (complicit) France (complicit) Germany (sorry) New Zealand (quiet) Spain (unaware). They knew covid was coming and expected nature to succeed with immunity, but what they did not consider was that covid is a man made disaster for the WEST and bites!

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