containment and social distancing is the BEST way to prolong covid, it prevents herd-immunity from developing, covid is a political slug from the vaccine manufacturers, no worse than any other flu..

Yet the govts of the world have emptied their coffers and programmed us for a depression, why? Covid is a political fix to usher in the digital economy and help reduce the population by taking out the elderly and the sick by stopping natural immunity from developing in the community. Govts have spun off the deep-end, they need to be held accountable. Testing is useless it only tells us how many people have it. People with immunity show no symptoms as do contagious people. Respiratory diseases spread in the atmosphere, contact tracing therefore is a waste of time. Why are we being told otherwise? Keep the sick isolated – everybody go back to work! We dont need vaccines to fight this! The cure will be worse than the bite! The common cold kills more than this and we dont have a vaccine for that! We should send the children to school to help develop herd immunity for us all, its that simple. China has nothing to hide. Govts need to answer why they go against herd immunity and create a police state. To prolong nature’s natural immunity, even inhibit it working – go into lockdown, employ social distancing and containment (in the virus-incubation-box called your home). To prolong the epidemic empty OUR coffers and put OUR children and us and our grand children into depression. You have not listened to the experts, your off having wild flings with vaccine (and or virus) manufacturers. I believe this is a hoax and a scam behind which are other more insidious motives. Look at the timelines and the real numbers. Covid could be over in a week or three with herd immunity.

In Australia thousands get the flu each year and thousands die. Without herd immunity our shops will remain closed and we will always have covid/19. Geoengineering is much worse than covid/19 because it is covert-engineering of nature, blatant and destructive to naturalness and causes global warming deceit

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