5:00 am trails in the sky over the Gold Coast Qld, laid down by tankers re climate modification, 8:00 am, misty streaks pushed south by Staplyton doppler radar

to cover the sky with what, well may you ask! This is a common occurrence, this is driving global climate change. It is driving innocence into a covid pit of no return. All govts are complicit in this deceit, Russia, China, America, Australia, Indonesia, ALL! Consequently you will never know the source of Covid!

What is the connection with covid/19 and geoengineering – psycho-control and more, control is the spinoff. Your brains are about to be changed forever/are changed forever, you are a fragment of yourselves with no direction, no capacity to fight for your rights, totally confused! You were bio-chipped without your approval nearly a decade ago now and you are confined to your homes as though war is upon you from the inside. Beware those measureres who measure themselves for your “sustainability”

As Dr Norman Swan says 2% of covid people are at risk of dying and you are being told to vaccinate or die! WHO is behind this and NASA and other institutions (govts turn a blind eye!) Shame that THEY use these strategies to reduce population when family planning does the same! You are all being brainwashed and conned, Trumped and peeled like onions. To cry for your dead, to cry in the sky. They already have a vaccine, they wait for more to die…..

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