Aust follows USA like a lap-dog, one day criticises Trump, then follows him to the grave accusing China of cover-up when Trump does his cover-up dance in hell!

Trump has no idea, same as Maurice Pain who dances with Trump alone as most people in these countries believe that covid appears to be a timely “accident”/release by those who shall not be named. Now the vaccine scenario can rear its ugly head and cure/change the economy to a digital one so the rich will benefit. Vaccines are feared by intelligent people. One cannot kill a roboticised pathogen which does not mutate like organic viruses. One cannot kill a virus which doesn’t even show up positive in some people who are contagious! Its about time govts around the world joined together in a friendly manner and stop China bashing as it is my belief China is almost certainly innocent. America absorbed Japan’s, Germany’s and Russia’s bio-weapons programs after the war. Then Nixon said, “Bio -weapons must not be used..” then Aides, Ebola, and many others came and affected high population centres. No coincidence, think again! Surely intelligent people must realise this is the music of the “military madness” band in which Trump is made to play his trumpet solo with Aust his ventriloquist doll.

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