you will not beat covid, it is here to stay, it lurks in every country still like the ghost of (AMerryCar) wi-fi and electroporation which vectors it in

You prostrate yourselves before the great science doors yet they will not open no matter how hard you bang. They are closed to your iron will. You may never know the source because it relates to geoengineering which you claim is not happening, you slam the so called conspirators for their research re our history and call us theorists yet you turn away from the truth citing national security. You are proliferating the spread knowingly.

Well may we say we told you so, and together we weep for mother earth and our elderly who know nothing of the above. Which rich fools run the world, run the illusions of the honest press? Nobody believes this began in China as Sky News keeps pouting. Look at wikileaks and see the count, most countries fear that it began in the bio-labs of AMerryCar and ‘ESCAPED’

Millions will die, unless you make your own mask and do not ask then shove your radar up their …

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