The WHO has an overarching body which investigates the efficiency of vaccines, funny that a vaccine manufacturer sits in a prominent position on that board.

Would it be a coincidence that this person also created a SARS vaccine and a Swine Flue vaccine (which incidentally had Swine flue as a component in the vaccine, the WHO knew about this but let it through!)? Is there any truth behind the rumours that the last flu vaccine shots a year ago contained corona virus…and those people now test positive with covid/19?

Meanwhile the WHO has sanctioned the wet markets; they will be able to sell their vaccines better after this…

But it goes deeper than that, consider that Rockefeller and Rothschild founded the WHO, so it was immediately the victim of an unhealthy cesarean – an example of money making expediency exonerated by those cohorts who suck, double-dipping. And this has been thrust on the World, by the World; shot in the foot again!

Yes its time for many truths to come out of each country’s cupboards. No skeletons will be accepted only TRUST AND TRUTH. But you AMeryCar will never tell the truth about your pet Masons and their Guideline Stone inscription which is their elixir for the World. Not reveal their connection to the WHO and the UN, into which the WHO has inseminated the Mason’s Decree – vaccines included! Who, may you ask, was it in the UN who advanced Agenda 21, which is a Masonic Decree? And what about the untouchable microsoft-microsoft, isn’t he getting a little hard up with his vaccines lately?Much of his money went to the above no-names-mentioned…funny that…

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