Dampening the immune systems of hosts so they accept chimeric life forms composed of altered chromosome sequences obtained from parasitic domains is an untraceable crime

“The way to dampen an immune system is to batter it with atmospheric injection of particles (another legacy of geoengineering) within dried biomass so small they slip through the skin ‘red-lights’ as it were, and invade blood cells. These for instance could be gene altered worm or flukeworm eggs, or eggs of arthropods which help transport foreign DNA into a somatic system using electroporation which is a pulsed microwave signal beamed from where you might ask, which opens cell windows; as well as other modes of transport. Once engaged with complimentary nano-particulates such as sensors which have transformed into small electrical components to communicate with photo -voltate molecular structures which use pigments for light harvesting, as well as wi-fi, static electricity and personalised body charge, the future of the somatic-psycho-system comes under brutal control. These chimeric parasitic medicinal ‘factories’ keep invading humanity with an undetectable splurge of scientific….what, you may ask?”

“Goodness!” thought Dam. “No wonder i can’t boil eggs anymore!”

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