This is not an organic pathogen it is an engineered parasitic host vectored by electroporation which will continue to engineer the world

Any rise in numbers is a result of slack suppression methods, any fall is a result of fear of hospitals. The illness has come via Pirbright Inc. and the two founders thereof should be questioned. They also make vaccines. The WHO recently gave them 24 million to make one, which, it is my guess, they already have! (yes a curly twist!) Lay people are told that the curve is decreasing when there are clear signs of reinfection? Ask the UN & WHO re: Agenda 21 and people like the beneviolent Silly Gaites! Where’s the democracy? Where’s the media? Fascist’s rule! This is only the beginning. Those who do not wear masks and adhere to their radars, dopplers included, will get cov/ and inside it will stay! I do not believe nature will provide an antibody to this one; only a factory made poison! What are you going too tell grandmother?

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