Silly Gates was one of Dam Diligents neighbours. He was filthy rich, never washed and wore old clothes into rags, he was endeared by all govts of the world as a magic man

“Know ‘arm Bill” is what they called him as he was a self confessed health freak and made needles. Dam was unsure ever since his pigs caught the flu and died whether Silly had been at them in the night with needles full of vaccines of future diseases! This person, it was known, had strange associations with alien beings which he said he couldn’t even see, who had told him to give his money to WHO who was full of Rodent Doctors, DNA Sandwich Makers, Chimeric Life Forms, Beasts, Dragons, Morgellons Victims and Vociferous Easily Terrified Politicians who couldn’t see aliens if they were sitting in Parliament. All had links to the underworld, and all WHO carried needles in their top pockets like swords. Dam huffed and puffed and waved as he went by, for Dam was diligent and avoided any problems which Silly could surely scrutinise and recommend to fix with one of his cheap needles. Know ‘arm was gaunt and thin himself and looked as though he relied on something. He had built a great radar on his veranda and at night the whole house vibrated and.. well Dam had difficulty working out what it was and only after some time realised the man was digging a hole under his house! Trucks would come and go at all hours and on the horizon a huge pyramid began to form.

Then one day Dam was off to work at the local Horsepiddle, as he called the Hospital, when he read a sign on Silly’s gate:

“Beware of the first step, its a dilly.” Dam thought about that all day.

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