Chochlear implants are spinoffs from the Manhatten Project which was responsible for causing the arms race and nuclear aggression

A long bow you say….If this is conspiracy theory then look at the destruction science has caused, thalidomide, nuclear, DDT, dioxin, Ebola, AIDS, don’t need to go on. Destroy to learn is the way of the Earth. Like an illness we stagger on teaching our children how to be like us. Chochlear implants are nano-tech transponders which lodge in the auditory nerve and transmit and receive information from AI sources. This information the mind cannot decipher between real brain talking/thinking or a (conspiracy) transcript. Your path must meander through the programming of your mind and not smash others whose thoughts you dispel. Co/19 has destroyed your pocket and your science, changed your culture, and brought you closer than you would like to believe to your new wi-fi soul; compliments of big business, ha ha

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