Dam fell overboard, they were on a cruise ship at sea. Lucy saw his distress beacon fire from the top of his head and illuminate the western sphere. Hed told her that if he got sea-sick hed have to jump over

The captain thought the ship had hit a mine! Gradually he managed to turn the ship around as many people followed their mobiles to have a look. Dam came up with great difficulty, he was so heavy! And when he came on deck he was singing in another language! Lucy in great shock saw that he was covered in what looked like….mermaids!

“Oh,” said Dam. “This is Meryl, Mary, and Melinda….they”

He was cut off suddenly as Mel stepped forward.

“We are mermaids from an island in the Pacific near Pompey. We were thrown overboard with our mobiles from an overcrowded refugee boat full of young women. We were told we were infected with some bugs and..Thank you so much to Dam who has provided the antidote for that disease and… well, here we are…with our mobiles.”

To cut a long story short. Dam used to work in a bio-weepons lab under a huge radar when he contracted a bug which killed all his workmates but not him. His bosses had bought he and Lucy a holiday on a cruise ship which they were enjoying up until now.

“Why on Earth did you have to do that?” Lucy asked later.

“I heard a voice scream, “jump right now!” said Dam. “So i did.”

“We’re so glad you did, Mr Diligent!” said Mer, Mar, and Mel. “Anything to get these flippers off!”

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