Electroporation- describes vectoring pathogenic biological plasmid DNA into host cells using pulsed radiation. Dr J. Kim & Prof Weiner animal health pioneers of the Pirbright Ins. own the patent for Cov/19…

Corona virus vaccine developed 6 yrs ago in England for bronchitis now tests + for cov/19. The companies making the vaccines are creating the illnesses. “The techniques for injecting animal or bird DNA into human chromosomes which alters our DNA and causes other ailments like fever, cancers, and death, is now highly developed.” See: http://www.vigiliae.org/virus-link-to-5G/

Mr Dam Diligent, psychic to the core from all the stratospheric aerosols and geoengineered transponders which had been dropped from the sky, was not pleased, now that he’d found the truth

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