Dam looked across the table at Lucy, she always had diamonds in her eyes. How was he ever going to tell her hed just spent $10K on a gold tooth now the market had crashed?

They smiled and sipped their Italian coffee, but Dam couldn’t smile, rather he began to feel ill. Lucy ashed her cigarette with a long straight medium finger. Luckily she worked in a bank. Suddenly he was choking and coughed, she ran to his aid and banged him on the back. Coffee and tooth flu out everywhere like a bloomin chemtrail. Nobody saw the tooth go in Lucy’s coffee and Dam had his fingers down his throat! Lucy sat down and finished her coffee. The waiter who was dressed in a plastic bag came and asked if everything was OK. But Dam’s tongue was wobbling around everywhere!

“I’ve lost my gold tooth!”

“Gold what?” said Lucy – as the diamonds fell from her eyes.

“O..Old truth,” said Dam stuttering.

Presently the waiter produced a menu and at the top of the page Dam read: “Health Authorities have advised that all Gates Guzzler restaurants supply custodians with Fibers and Telepathic-nano-tech vaccine components to help transition from a cash economy to a digital economy without any fuss. Consequently patrons will be registered to pay without lifting a finger.” Signed, Bill Gates.

That night Dam slept lightly, but suddenly sat up. “Lucy you’ve swallowed it!”

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