The trusted ABC in Aust. said: 700K went to Emergency for flue and other related illnesses in 2019. They were all vaccinated. The vaccine they received now tests positive for Covid 19! true or false?

Mr Dam Diligent was a leg-end. Not only was he famous as a one legged soccer player, he was also famous as a computer technician and business typhoon. He was on the ground and he had the ball as always. He made sure of that because he had laser eyes and could blind the opponent and hypnotise them with a blink. He was fighting the false conspiracy press, and flying the fake news because his company was in stutters over the latest release of the golden snake crimpol disease which was affecting computers around the banks of each country. The global warming fix was a total cure combined with this virus which, much like he, had crawled from the Manhatten Project Streets and wormed ‘is way into every computer. But Dam held the only known vaccine in his hands, the soccer ball! The only problem was getting the computers to swallow it, and then the last vaccine they tried fooled the tests and all the computers crashed and preempted an artificial digital world governed by one leg of secrecy and one flagpole which flue a radar. Dam looked up, he could see the anti-solar clouds building like balls, too many. And of course no rain. Suddenly with one great scream of fear the crowd ran away, and Dam was left alone. Stripped of nature he fell to his knee, he needed more money to be inserted so his golden snake could rise and cure the world…

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