Dams viral-soup recipe was extra special, it had to be burnt just right. But the weather was wrong and it would not cook. He went outside and studied the boiling clouds

He was on a very good wage and this and that had to be just right as the old people were so fussy. He washed his hands, then washed them again, and again, and again; they were dissolving. He dished it up anyway as he’d been trained to feed starving old people. But not long after they had all eaten it clouds of ambulances arrived and they were all taken away dead. Dam was taken away too and interrogated by the Thought Police who kept washing their hands of everything! They found out that Dam had trained to cook in a (wild and) MerryCar. Then he looked at the label: “Never microwave as may explode, and do not feed to cats – contact Mind Control for destructions.” The man agreed it was them, so he whimsically took a small piece which was left over and fed it to the cat. Suddenly the animal grew into a monster, turned and gulped the man down. Dam Diligent’s carer as a wild cook seemed to be over…

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