It seems governments are deliberately spreading covid/19, like geoengineering a secret, they do not care because they are reacting WITHOUT masks, slowly

Like geoengineering the Govts of the global warming world know that they cannot talk about it, they wear masks to cover it up. But with covid/19 they don’t advise to wear masks when everybody in China did and by that contingency drastically reduced the spread. And the Chinese keep telling us this! Why don’t our pollies and Chief Health Obliterators in the West make the WEARING OF MASKS mandatory!? Because they want the disease to spread. It is written in Agenda 21 of the United Nations, “The Worlds population needs to be reduced for sustainability reasons…” that’s why they don’t talk about geoengineering! Der people! Wake up! What unmasked assholes they are! And after the predicted 60 – 80% infection rate, the masks will be forcefully applied. Make masks yourselves and help your neighbour with your mask on. It is unthinking of you all to not wear masks! Why do you wait for the Chief Health WHO? to tell you to wear masks, at the eleventh hour!!

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