Dam Diligent went to China. Everybody was so beautiful they had to wear masks. If they didnt wear masks they spent so long in front of mirrors that they forgot to eat and starved

Dam began to wear a mask but he spent so long in front of the mirror laughing at himself that he forgot to eat. Then he realised the true purpose of the masks; there were germs out there! When he returned home he brought many germs with him and noticed the Government people never wore masks and only advised to wash hands. They were so ugly that Dam thought they wanted to frighten people! People began dying all over the place and still the Government only advised to wash hands. But no matter how many times Dam washed his hands he couldn’t keep away from the mirror. Then he had an idea. He would make masks out of toilet paper and sell them. And sure enough it happened that Dam made no money from making masks whatsoever but his neighbour made heaps of money selling mirrors. So Dam looked around and realised there was more money in coffins. So he began to make coffins. People kept coming they did not have masks on and they were all so ugly

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