pictured opposite is a triangular bio-chip sensor patented by a Belgium scientist and made in China, sanctioned for use by the World Health Authority, doctors are ignorant of these

I found this on my leg and photographed it with 800 X microscope. They bury into flesh or mucosa and transmit info about DNA globally. The info is fed to a military computer (AI) which decides which nano-tech (medicine) should be inseminated into which individual/s. This is an offshoot from the Genome Project which was funded by the WHO and NASA. I have been mortified by this agenda, that’s why i wrote “fibers.” Every authority i have shown this to has dismissed me as a conspirator. Well good luck world, you’ve got a long way to go! Which cruel scientist would dare to do this to their population if not instructed to do so? Meanwhile the bastards get rich while people die. America you have destroyed yourself – scientists are out on a limb of no return

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