Justin Case was Dams brother, he was the Chief Health Officer from the CO/2/vid 19 tribe. Justin didnt want a lockdown he wanted a fastspread, more convenient for population control…

Dam was different he wanted everybody to to be safe. Dam looked at a map of the stars and found a defunct planet and suggested Justin send all the cases to that world so they would not infect Dam’s flock of ducks. But Justin was edukated and well retarded and knew Silly Gates who suggested long ago that geoengineering could control the population through division and confusion. Dam lived the simple life of a farmer, he knew how to stop disease. And he kept repeating from the start LOCKDOWN to stop the fastspread. Dam was frustrated and decided to write books to inform. Day and night he wrote and nobody would publish. It was “science or idiot” they said. That was the day Common Sense died. Dam was so upset as it was his favourite duck

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