Dam was sick, he had another nano-bug in his cochlear nerve screaming, so he began to powder magnets and eat them. He became so magnetic he was inextricably attracted to fridges.

At that time he was in swimming training for the Olympics and went to the beach every afternoon for his regular ten kilometre swim. But this day something grabbed his leg and began to pull him under. Fighting desperately he was dragged across the bottom of the ocean at ever increasing speed. As he went he collected metal junk like old anchors, fish hooks, rusty nails and some old metal ladders which had lain on the bottom for decades.

Bang! He had hit something! Then suddenly he was breathing air again. But he could not move and it was dark.

“Hey, check this out!” said a voice from above. Then a strong torch blinded him.

“Hey, hot-dilli, it looks like a mine! No, i see eyes! Bring it up.” Dam was hoisted onto a huge ship and stuck on deck.

“This is the Donald Trump battleship from the American Navy, and we are in the South China sea looking for refugees swimming.” They said. Dam looked out from his metal menagerie and said in a small voice,

“I’m a magnetised man.”

“Cripes! You’re not going to blow up are you?”

They took him in and hung him on the fridge door. And when anybody opened the fridge he sneezed inside.

But Dam was out of luck. After some time he discovered the whole crew had nano-bugs like him because somebody in the radar-room had sneezed in the white powder and it had gone everywhere! Presently many others joined him hanging on the fridge, and as the ship rolled much to Dam’s horror they all began to sing!

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