Many thousands of years ago Mr Dam Dilli Diligent was put dead into a stone box with many labels and cloth. He now rises to tell you what to do.

He was considered a phenomenon as his blood was worth many billions of dollars. Lucy, his girlfriend had a virus so Dam took her to a Horse-piddle. They couldn’t work out why Dam was not sick as well. Well they found that he was anti-venemous, or he had anti-dotes in his anti-body. They ran tests on him after tying him down with strong rope.

“Your blood will cure the world!” They told him. “And we’ll pay you a mill dollars for 100 mill! Dam relaxed. In fact he relaxed so far his blood began to flow to all corners of the Earth. But not before he had stipulated to whom it was to go. He himself was a poor farmer and thong maker and kept thinging that he wanted other poor people to be cured of the terrible virus. He did remember when he caught it and gave it to Lucy. At the time he was fishing off rocks when he hooked onto something huge! After fighting for three days he finally landed an American submarine. “We give up!” They said as they came ashore.

“You, Mr Diligent?” They asked, extending a hand.

“Sore-arm,” said Dam who had a handshake like a shark.

“Here take this virus.” They said, handing it to him.

“Oh thank you very much,” said Dam humbly. “I caught one of those last week and it made me sick.”

The man before him looked up to Dam’s eyes, and Dam could see the sea-weeds moving. “You eat this twice and it will make you rich!”

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