Who owns Sky News? They are totally wrong to accuse China of spreading this pandemic globally. Why did two bio-labs close in the USA before the War Games in WuHan?

Skynews would not like to know the truth, they will never admit the US has made a big mistake. Thats why the world is looking closely at the bio-weapons industry globally, and in the USA in particular. And to accuse China in such a way is suggest that it is man made, Skynews of course knows this and their flummery is childish. You in the West, it is true, have no cure for bully-bashing when it comes to money, it is your own disease come back to bight you like a suicide pill or a stray bullet which has landed directly in your foot! The whole world is looking at you with disbelief, “How dare you!” And Skynews needs to do some research. They could start by asking, “Who absorbed Japan’s, Russia’s and Germany’s bio-weapons research programs after the war? Why did these “secret” weapons factories in the USA close only a short while before the outbreak in WuHan? Totally uninformed and malicious reporting from America! I agree let sleeping dogs lie, millions will die from this, millions. Though i believe it may have been an accident, China certainly is not to blame!

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