Dam Diligent felt ill. He dressed again in his corona outfit which was a giant red bag with bright orange deflated balloons stuck all over it.

Dam had an ingenious method of pumping it up so he looked like a bloated tick. Walking was difficult let alone drive! However he did manage to squeeze into his car and drive himself to Horse-piddle. They met him outside at the back. They were dressed in tight white with big masks on and held feelers out in front. When he got out of his car they began shouting and waving and started leaping around as though they had bees inside their costumes! Eventually they ran inside! Dam was alone, nobody wanted to talk to him! He walked up to the door and peeped in. Nobody at all! He opened the door and went into the white bright fluorescent light. “Hello!” he called. Dam heard many feet running on the floor and a cry, “Its huge, get out!” Dam was fast to round the corner and was just in time to see a door close. He waddled along the corridor and opened the door slowly. The room was black, they had turned out the light. He could hear heavy breathing so he shouted into the blackness. “Its OK , I made this out of plastic bags.” Silence, then somebody sneezed! Suddenly the door was flung open wide and ten people rushed out and absolutely flattened Dam to the floor! These was a sudden rush of air as his bag deflated and some of the balloons were caught by people’s feet as they trampled him! Gone again! Nobody at all!

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