Mr Dam Diligent endorses Tulsi Gabbard for US President, and so should YOU Mr Trump! Because the world knows its over and a new beginning is essential!

Corona will wipe the slate of those who are dishonest at the top of the pyramid. The game is over, the AI has turned on itself, turned inwards to look for its better self, turned inwards to smell the fresh air, the life of peace on planet Earth. You will all run on digital money and eat nanotech organelles for sustenance, and your memories will be stored on hard-drives and spun into orbit. For you will never die as you awake to the knowledge that consciousness is the internet of the cosmos. Thank you to Dr Steven Greer for opening up the possibility. It has infected the humble Tulsi Gabbard and she will step up to take you forward! God save AMerryCar! God has already saved China but not the Pope

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