The vitriol from the USA re China is naive bombastry, after all they may be the only ones left on the planet after the C0/2/VID/19 scourge annihilates the Western world

The USA has shot itself in the foot. Why does the Masonic Guideline Stones in Georgia, the World Health Org. and the United Nations (soon to be renamed the United Rations) all enforce the common theme of ‘sustainability’ and state that, in the first instance, “The population of the world…to be reduced to 500 mill….. for (GREEN) sustainability.” No worries about geoengineering the weather, no worries about continual war, no worries about locking nations down at the expense of the elderly and the infirmed. No worries that there will not be enough morsels to go around which may in the long term help ‘flatten the (sustainability) curve.’ And the hysteria hype and general mayhem – no worries mate. Remember the Chief Health Officer said: “It only affects the old folk, (how convenient!) Here’s some more money to go shopping…We don’t need to wear masks like they do over there, she’ll be right…and the kids can go to school.” Perhaps when its all over other countries will have the humility to accept the friendship and compassion of China and we’ll all have a sombre party. This ‘doong-woo’ may be an escapee from two bio-labs in the USA or it may be worse….

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