Rockefella left the WT Centre 3 days before it was hit, he and the Rothkids instigated the WHO, do you all trust them or are you all cons-pirators?

Event 201, in the West, designed some 3 weeks before the outbreak of CO/VID/2 hysteria, officiated by Bil-a-bong Gaites who bils us a hysteria ticket set for woo-han, I-ran, Itali, the World with compliments from the Fatty-can himself! Our old people are rubbished, people lose work, money goes down, man made climate engineering of the fiscal system both here and in Cn. Aren’t you proud little man of how you can destroy to renew and implement your agendas, how the labelling of Cons-pirators is all your tiny brains can wrangle. While we scrape the dross from civilisation like old people for whom you dont give a shit! And the immune compromised as you so eloquently spout! You will use them to stop work, impose martial law and forsake our children to grovel in a cashless society stricken by the disease of surveillance – shame on you now that we all know. You media are so far behind. Consider that 60,000 people died in the USA in 2018 from influenza related illness, that there are many CO/VID/2 ailments, that we have all been bio-chipped through geoengineering programs, that this is a PLANNED PROCESS promulgated by the media…shame!

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