By cons-piracy do they mean we dispute entirely their ethos or do they fear cons-pirators who unravel new information to enrich history?

By their use of semantics one assumes they believe all they are told by the upper echelons of power who control the military, the media and the vociferous politicians who are all unwavering in their stern denials that they could do anything wrong. I get the uncanny feeling that when they label an honest well-read cons-pirator they do so out of fear of being busted.

Dam remembered a story his grandfather told him about when he worked in the Vatican Library. With the advent of the computer librarians and archaeologists were able to decipher many ancient scripts, artefacts and didactic sculptural reliefs. The grandfather found things that he thought the Pope should know about. The Pope of course said “God is great” and agreed, however he labelled the grandfather a Cons-piracy Theorist because he had to because of the above.

Dam was an inventor and went on to use the information and built many new devices which the labellers took and did not give to the people for whom they were intended. Indeed they used them for themselves and advised Mr Diligent to remain quiet and isolated him as though he had a disease

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