A library is a quiet place where words are balanced for precise meaning. Quite different from his job as a reporter.

The room was noisy the crash was coming, the numbers were crunching. Dam bit deep into his pencil. Someone was watching all this, someone inside the room knew what was going on! Dam began: “I never like to use the word ‘conspiracy’ because it was originally a hyphenated word which meant: ‘to thwart pirates with overwhelming strategies.” Dam looked up, he could see a flickering face at the window behind the great wall. Their eyes met briefly and Dam bit deeper. So there was a tune behind his work of reporting after all. He went home determined to gouge deeper. He went to a drawer and pulled out his old dusty pirates hat and patch. Next day in Wall Street, he stood there with his pencil and pirates hat and patch over one eye. It wasn’t long before security crash tackled him and dragged him off. The next day the headline read: “A Conspiracy Theorist, dressed as a pirate and posing as a reporter for the New York Times, was caught trying to look behind the wall.”

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