Dam woke up. They had no right to bury him alive under six feet of mud! He was only meditating and theyd thought he was deed.

He was so absorbed in making and selling his Radar-recipes that he had drifted off into the never-never while giving his daily sermon on the Brain-wave-radio. Millions listened and all were transported to other worlds by Dam’s message of love – instantly! Quicker than the speed of light they were swept off their feet. And together with Dam every Sunday morning he would take them to fully realise the great benefit of Radar Transmission. The subjects were young children, elderly people and politicians, because they were in transition phase and were often sidetracked by distractions and confusion. His message as a preacher was to proclaim that love filled the universe with consciousness and that there was only one way to succeed in love and that was to buy one of his organic Radar-recipes. And the only way one could show respect for these beliefs, as he said, was to have tattooed on one’s forehead the words “Conspiring to be a Theorist.” Little did he realise that they had tattooed the words: “Coroner-CO2/ do not disturb” on his forehead before they buried him.

His radar-meditations were deep and profound. But now as he lay there he began to wonder whether it was the right message. Perhaps it had backfired because how was he going to get out! As he lay there in the black a tiny high pitched bussing sound began deep in the travels of his mind. He concentrated and wondered what it was. Presently he began to hear voices and then a great beam of light struck him between the eyes!

“Oh, sorry Mr Diligent, but you left the transmission on. Anyway mate, weeall from another planet and weeve come to larf you.”

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